About Us

About Us

The Challenge

Knowing the competitive nature of hospitality industry, with most large OTAs and B2B bedbank have dominant market share of hotel bookings worldwide.

Combine group of hoteliers pushing for a lower commission to OTAs. With this small margin and high technological cost, a practical solution was needed.

Further in this digital era, overload of information available online, travellers feel more confused than knowledgeable.

The Solution

Merging our B2B and B2C market into one, combine both this volume to negotiate best rates from hoteliers & suppliers.With small but efficient team. Plus, obsession for optimizing costs. This combine action have made Zeto lean, productive and most importantly, sustainable.

Using machine learning method by giving only relevant information & additional hotel images to travellers.Which help travellers to make a decision.

As a start-up OTA, we believe in focusing on our strength. Which is accommodation and transportation. With all of our team efforts, we have gain a reputation in the market for our added value & superior customer service.

So be worry free and try our services. A peace of mind is not far away.

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